Membership Dues

Associate: $60.00
Offices: $120.00
Retail/Service: $360.00
Food/Drink: $600.00

  • 35% discount for associate members “Friend of the Village” (outside boundary)
  • 10% discount if paid in full for year 1
  • Owners of multiple businesses – 2nd business pays half price
  • Monthly Payment Available


Purchase La Mesa Village Association Membership

Please select your membership type from the list below. Once selected you will be taken to to purchase your membership.

Associate Monthly $5
Associate Annual Payment $54
Associate Friend of Village $39
Office Monthly $10
Office Annual Payment $108
Office Friend of Village $78
Retail Monthly $30
Retail Annual Payment $324
Retail Friend of Village $234
Food Monthly $50
Food Annual Payment $540
Food Friend of Village $390