La Mesa Village Association

Who's Open?

open during quarantine

Visit our comprehensive directory of La Mesa Village businesses who are "Open For Business"!

Members now have access to a NEW marketing initiative with the LMVA Flagpole Banner Program! Visit our membership page for complete details on how to participate and details about the new marketing program. 

The La Mesa Certified Farmer's Market is moving to the Allison Ave. parking lot until further notice as of Friday, September 4, 2020!

COVID-19 Updates - How the LMVA is responding as well as important links to City and County resources. 

The La Mesa Village Association (LMVA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization made up of La Mesa Village business owners whose primary purpose is to advocate on behalf of all local businesses, as well as work in conjunction with the City of La Mesa, its Fire and Police Departments.

Members of the LMVA have a deep appreciation for the special community that makes La Mesa Village so unique, and strive to promote its many attributes year round through a variety of special events, including the La Mesa Village Farmers Market, La Mesa Classic Car Show, Holiday in the Village, and perhaps the most popular being the La Mesa Oktoberfest. These free, community events are what make La Mesa Village so special and help to create a cohesive and thriving community for both its residents and businesses alike.

Questions, Comments, and Suggestions

For more information, please contact the La Mesa Village Association through the contact link; via email at; or call (619) 343-2460.