Root To Rise Wellness

La Mesa, CA 91942
(619) 540-0558

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Integrative nutrition education and counseling specializing in weight loss, diabetes management, function foods for cancer care, digestive wellness, food sensitivities & intolerances, detoxification, nutrition for menopause, and more! The owner is an Integrative Nutritionist, currently working toward obtaining her Certified Nutrition Specialist credential, the gold standard for advanced nutrition professionals. She holds a Masters in Human Integrative Clinical Nutrition and when she's not researching the effects of food on human health and wellbeing, she can often be found around town hiking, dancing, or practicing yoga. She looks at the whole person and his or her habits to help map out and get to the root cause(s) of illness and disease. She then uses functional foods, lifestyle interventions, and supplements/herbs to help her clients achieve better health. Rather than dictating or even coaching clients, she partners with her clients to find modifications that work with their way of life. A cancer survivor/thrive herself; she works primarily with those seeking to eliminate illness and disease, whatever it may be. However, no goal is too small. Reach out to her at RTRW today to learn how she can help.