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Feldenkrais consists for two modalities: Functional Integration (FI) and Awareness through Movement (ATM). A Feldenkrais Functional Integration® Lesson (FI) consists of gentle, hands-on work designed to relieve pain and reduce stress. FI lessons are founded upon principles of physics and biomechanics, as well as the belief that all human beings have the potential to learn and improve in their functioning significantly regardless of age or physical condition. During an FI lesson, the student lies comfortably on a table, fully clothed, while the practitioner uses his or her hands to show them how they move already and to help them become more conscious of options in movement of which they may be unaware. For the student, this process often results in producing a sensation of newfound comfort and ease while performing any range of physical tasks. Additionally, students often report feeling “taller”, “lighter”, and “more relaxed” following an FI lesson. In a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® Class (ATM), you can begin to increase your awareness of how you have learned to adapt physically to the world around you, and in doing so you can rediscover your innate capacity for graceful, easy movement. In class, students are verbally directed through a sequence of related movements designed to improve some aspect of physical functioning (e.g., reaching, walking, twisting, etc.) Each ATM lesson draws upon an understanding of biomechanics and an empirical understanding of human learning. Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace, moving slowly and gently so as to increase their sensitivity to the quality of their own movements. All levels/drop-ins are welcome.